Part 3: VMWare NSX T Edge Nodes deployment and Cluster configuration


Step 01 – Create Uplink Port Groups

For edge nodes we need uplink port groups to be connected to the Edge VM’s.

Create 2 port groups on the VDS. These vlans will be used for physical router connectivity for BGP routing

Step 02 – Create Uplink Profiles

Create uplink profiles for edge nodes in Fabric – profiles and uplink profiles

We will be using the default multi tep uplink profile.

Step 03 – Deploy NSX Edge Nodes

System – Fabric – Nodes – Edge transport Nodes – Click on Add Edge Node

  • Name : Edge VM name
  • Hostname: Edge vm hostname ( fqdn)
  • select medium factor and click next

Select the vCenter, cluster and datastore and click next

Provide the Management IP for the edge node and default gateway

Select all as shown below.

  • Transport zone: Select both overlay and vlan
  • Uplink profile : i am using multi vtep profile – you can choose the one created for your specific needs
  • IP assignment – IP Pool
  • IP Pool : Select the edge IP pool created earlier.
  • click on interface and select uplink portgroups created in the distributed switch
  • click finish

Note: in my deployment we have only 2 physical uplinks that’s why we are using separate IP pool for edge as both edge and TEP will use same uplinks. If you have separate uplinks for edge VM’s same IP pool as Transport node TEP can be used.

Deploy second one as we need minimum 2 edge nodes for creating edge cluster.


Step 04 – Creating Edge Cluster

Click on edge clusters – Add cluster

Provide name – select default ha profile – select all edge nodes down – drag to selected area

the edge cluster is created as shown below.

Next post we will create tier-1 and tier-0 gateways and configure BGP routing..

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