reset root password in vRA 7.x Appliance

Below are the steps to reset vRA appliance root password.

  1. Connect to vSphere Client and open the vRA/vRB virtual machine console.
  2. Go to VM > Power > Restart Guest to restart the appliance.
  3. Wait for the virtual machine to reboot.
  4. Press e when you see the Grub Menu appearing on the screen.

    User-added image

  5. Press e again. The output will be similar to:

    User-added image

  6. Once ‘e’ is pressed by selecting kernel /boot/vmlinuz…. ,Go down until you see a line beginning with linux /vmlinuz. or at the end of line
  7. At the end of this line, add the command:


    You should see an output similar to: then press enter , it will take back to kernel screen

    User-added image

  8. Press ” F10″ to reboot. After the reboot, you will see the following prompt:Note: sometimes F10  is not working, select kernel – press ‘b’

    User-added image

  9. Type the command passwd to reset the root password.
    • On some appliance you will get this kind of error due to the file system mounted in read only.

      User-added image

    • In such case, type the command mount / -o remount,rw and try again:

      User-added image

After a reboot, you should be able to access the VAMI interface with the new password you just set.


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