Netscaler 12 – XenMobile 10.7 Configuration steps

This post will cover the xenmobile 10.7 Configuration for Netscaler 12. XenMobile configuration is very easy but there are some confusions on feeding information to GUI.

What the Netscaler wizard will do ?

1. It will create XenMobile MAM gateway and necessary policies.
2. It will load balancer MAM services on XenMobile servers.
3. It will load balance MDM services on XenMobile servers.

Infrastructure details / Pre-requisites

  1. MDM URL: ( It should be same as hostname of XenMobile appliance 10.7 )
  2. MAM URL : ( This will be configured on Netscaler config on XenMobile server settings)
  3. XenMobile appliance IP’s: Server 1 –, Server 2 –
  4. Three Free virtual IP’s for netscaler configuration.
    Virtual IP 1 : ( ) – MAM gateway
    Virtual IP 2 : ( mam load balancer) – MAM Load balancer
    Virtual IP 3 : ( ) – MDM load balancer
  5. DNS Records created in DNS server or Netscaler for mam and mdm url. mam internal url can point to ip 166 also. ( ) ( )
  6. Public IP’s and public DNS records :
    Public ip 1 – NAT to – ( )
    Public ip 2 – NAT to – ( )
  7. DNS A records : – Public IP1, – Public IP2.
  8. LDAP server IP and domain user name for LDAP policy configuration :
  9. Wild card certificate or separate certificate for MAM and MDM url: SSLAB_WILDCARD (SAN Certificate not supported)

Click here for Wild card certificate CSR and installation steps

Netscaler Configuration for XenMobile 10.7

Login to Netscaler – Select XenMobile – Select XenMobile 10 – Click get started.

Select Access through Netscaler and Load balance XenMobile – Both options and click continue

Provide the first virtual IP (1): ( this is gateway IP), Port 443 – Continue

Select already installed wild card certificate or MAM url certificate and click continue.

Click here for Wild card certificate CSR and installation steps

Provide below details for LDAP connection, this piece is very important.

  • IP: (LDAP server IP)
  • Port : 389
  • Server type: plain text
  • Base DN: dc=sslab,dc=com
  • account:
  • provide and confirm password for nsldap user.
  • Click on test connection – it should be green as shown below.
  • LogonName:  samAccountName or Userprincipalname ( same should be given in both netscaler and xenmobile server)

Provide below information and Continue

  • XenMobile server FQDN: ( Remember this is fqdn of xenmobile server mdm not mam)
  • IP (2) : (mam load balancer IP)

Select the MDM certificate or the wild card certificate.

Click on add servers to add xenmobile servers ip’s.

Provide xenmobile server IP’s, add both IP’s.

both Ip’s to be added as shown – continue

Click on load balance .

Provide the MDM load balancer IP (3) : – Continue

Review Xenmobile server IP’s and Click continue and then done

With this we are done with configuration. Some times the GUI will not show below page straight away, wait for 5 seconds and click on other option and click back on xenmobile , the configuration status is shown below. all the services should show green.

Hope this post is helpful.

Siva Sankar

Siva Sankar works as Solution Architect in Abu Dhabi with primary focus on SDDC, Automation,Network Virtualization, Digital Workspace, VDI, HCI and Virtualization products from VMWare, Citrix and Microsoft.

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