NetScaler 12 – XenDesktop/Xenapp Gateway Configuration Steps

This post will cover the XenDesktop/XenApp gateway configuration in Netscaler 12. With the new GUI features its became very easy to configure netscaler. Just we need to feed in the information Netscaler UI will do the necessary configuration for us.


Following pre-requisites needs to be already available in your hand before starting the configuration.

->Storefront needs to be load balanced and working , One domain user for ldap configuration
->Storefront URL:
->Store Name: /Citrix/StoreWeb
->Controller Names: and
->Necessary DNS records for above are created in DNS and reachable from Netscaler.
->Netscaler Gateway Virtual IP :
->Netscaler Gateway URL:
->Certificate for Gateway: Certificate installed on Netscaler for

Click here for – Netscaler 12 – Generate CSR and install certificate

Click Here for Load balancing Storefront servers

Netscaler XenDesktop Configuration Wizard

Click on XenDesktop and Xenapp on left pane and click start wizard

Select storefront and click continue

Provide any name for gateway, virtual IP and port 443 – Continue

Select the certificate for the netscaler gateway for xendesktop. In our case certificate for

Provide storefront and XenDesktop controller information.

  • Storefront URL:
  • Click o retrive Stores – to check storefront server communication.
  • Provide Store Web Name : /Citrix/StoreWeb
  • Provide controllers names as then ( + ) sign and provide second controller name and continue.

For LDAP , provide LDAP server details as below.

  • IP Address: AD / LDAP server IP :
  • Port : 389
  • Type: plain text
  • base dn : dc=sslab,dc=com ( means in whole domain, if you want specific ou for users provide here)
  • provide service account : ( just domain user) :
  • Provide password and click test connection. sucessful message should appear as shown below.
  • Logon name attribute: samAccountName ( you can select upn also)
  • Review and click continue.


Review everything and click done.

The xendesktop and xenapp gateway can be seen under Netscaler gateway – virtual servers as shown below.

Changing already configured Settings

Its common to make mistakes and change things later, just select and click on edit icon as shown below.

Click on edit icon for required settings and click done once finished.

Hope this post is useful, leave your comments and suggestions below.

Siva Sankar

Siva Sankar works as Solution Architect in Abu Dhabi with primary focus on SDDC, Automation,Network Virtualization, Digital Workspace, VDI, HCI and Virtualization products from VMWare, Citrix and Microsoft.

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