VMWare NSX – Common Deployment Issues & Fixes V1.0

This post will cover the common NSX deployment issues or failures and fixes for those issues. We are trying to keep this post updated with most common issues. This post is written based on the field experience and the common things which we might overlook while deploying might become a stumbling block for implementation.

Connecting NSX Manager to vCenter

·      DNS/NTP incorrectly configured on NSX Manager and vCenter.

·      User account without vCenter Administrator role used to connect NSX Manager to vCenter.

·      No network connectivity between NSX Manager and vCenter Server.

·      User logging into vCenter with an account with no role on NSX Manager.

NSX Controller Deployment & Issues

·      Insufficient resources, available to host controllers.

·      NTP on ESXi hosts and NSX Manager not in sync.

·      IP connectivity issues between NSX Manager and the NSX Controllers.

Host Preparation Failures

·      EAM fails to deploy VIBs because of mis-configured DNS on ESXi hosts.

·      EAM fails to deploy VIBs because of firewall blocking required ports between ESXi, NSX Manager and vCenter.

·      A Previous VIB of an older version is already installed requiring user intervention to reboot the hosts.

VXLAN related issues

·      Incorrect teaming method selected for VXLAN.

·      VTEPs does not have connectivity between each other.

·      DHCP selected to assign VTEP IPs but unavailable.

·      If a vmknic has a bad IP, configure manually via vCenter.

·      MTU on Transport Network not set to 1600 bytes or greater.


We are trying to keep this post updated with most common issues, please leave your comments below if you have something in mind so that it will help our friends on the other side.

Siva Sankar

Siva Sankar works as Solution Architect in Abu Dhabi with primary focus on SDDC, Automation,Network Virtualization, Digital Workspace, VDI, HCI and Virtualization products from VMWare, Citrix and Microsoft.

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