Windows 10 Optimizations for Citrix XenDesktop VDI Master Image

Citrix Optimizer Tool

Step 1: Download the optimizer tool from below location.

Step 2: Install necessary pre-requisites on master image.

Powershell V2.0 or higher

.Net 4.5.2 or Higher can be found here.

Step 3: Extract the ZIP file , no installation required.

Step 4: Run the executable and select a template

run winver command on the master image to find exact OS version so that required template can be used.

Step 5: Analyze the master image aganst the template.

Review all the items that tool needs to be analyzed, select and deselect based on your requirement – Click analyze

Step 6: review and Optimize the Image

Once analyzing is done, review and click Optimize.

the default setting will do around 110 optimizations and mostly default is good for most environments.

Step 7: Test the image and VDI launching.

Update the catalog or create catalog as needed and test the VDI and your organization apps.

Step 8: (Optional)Roll Back if required

Run Get-Help CtxOptimizerEngine.ps1 in the Optimizer folder directory, Follow the instructions.

Step 9: Delete the Optimizer files from master image.


Windows 10 Optimization Guide

Windows 10 User Experience

Create Application shortcuts for all users

copy all the shortcuts to C:\Users\Public\Desktop folder, with this every user will get all shortcuts.

Siva Sankar

Siva Sankar works as Solution Architect in Abu Dhabi with primary focus on SDDC, Automation,Network Virtualization, Digital Workspace, VDI, HCI and Virtualization products from VMWare, Citrix and Microsoft.

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