VMWare NSX Manager 6.7 Installation and Initial Configuration

This post will cover deploying NSX Manager and initial configuration of NSX Manager. Micro-Segmentation and other configurations for NSX can be found here.

Pre-Requisites for this post

  • NSX manager media (ova) downloaded from vmware website.
  • License for NSX, Its CPU based like vSphere, But NSX license are separate.
  • vCenter Login credentials & Necessary resources to deploy NSX manager from ova file.
  • Static IP address and DNS record for NSX Manager.
  • NTP server ( vCenter, ESXi and NSX manager should use same)

Deploying NSX Manager with OVA file

Step 1: Login to vCenter server -Right click on Cluster or DC – Select Deploy OVF Template

Step : Select Local file – Browse for NSX manager ova file.

Step : provide NSX Manager name

Step : Select the Host to deploy

Step :review details – Next

Step : Accept EULA – Next

Step : Select thin/think and datastore – Next

Step : Select Network for NSX Manager.

Step : Provide appliance password and cli admin password – Scroll down

Step : Provide NSX Manager Hostname, IP, netmask, gateway – Scroll down

Step :  Provide DNS and NTP server details – Next

Step : Review and finish

Initial Configuration of NSX Manager

Step : Once deploying is completed – Login to nsx manager using hostname or IP – admin & Password

Verifying NSX Manager services

Step : Click on view summary

Step : Verify that vPostgres, RabbitMQ and NSX Manager Service is running

Configuring NTP on NSX Manager

Step : To configure NTP on NSX Manager –  Click Manage – General – Edit on top

Step : provide NTP server details, i can be internal or external but it should be same as vCenter

Configuring Syslog server in NSX Manager

Step : Select Edit next to Syslog server

Step : provide syslog server details as shown below.

Connect NSX Manager to vCenter server (1:1)

NSX Manager to vCenter connection is always 1:1 , Meaning to say only one NSX manager can be connected to one vCenter server.

Step : Navigate to Manage – NSX Management service – Click Edit next to vCenter server

Step : provide vCenter fqdn, user and password

Step : select Yes to accept the certificate.

Step : Verify that status is connected and sync is successful

Step : vCenter lookup service configuration – NSX Manager service – Lookup service – Edit

Step : Provide the vCenter details , login and password

Step : select yes to trust certificate

Step : Status should show as connected.

Step : Once done login to vCenter server to verify that Network & Security is visible. ( some times, needs to logoff from vCenter console and login to check)

Step : Verify that NSX manager is shown as below.

Licensing NSX Manager

Step : Add the NSX license keys – Menu – Administration

Step : Licenses – Licenses – Add new licenses as shown below – eneter key and name to it.

Step : To Activate – Licenes – Assets – Solutions – Select NSX for vSphere and Assign license.


With this NSX manager installation and Initial configuration is done.

Hope this post is useful, please leave your comments and feedback.

Siva Sankar

Siva Sankar works as Solution Architect in Abu Dhabi with primary focus on SDDC, Mobility, Virtualization, VDI, HCI and Network Virtualization products from VMWare, Citrix and Microsoft.

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